This blog does not approach

  • Non-Europeans (as a biological term), including Europeans ethnics destroying the European culture (see below)
  • Jews and Zionists
  • Christians, Muslims, Satanists
  • Multiculturalists, Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Feminists and any other form of left-wing globalism
  • Right-wing people hating other European peoples (you are nothing but the tool of the enemy!)
  • Modern American culture and politics in any way
  • Negroid and other non-european influences (HipHop, Popular Music, ideal of beauty, etc.)
  • Contemporary modern culture, art, philosophy, politics, society, morals, …
  • Hippies pretending to be Pagans

12 thoughts on “Unwelcomed

  1. Those who do not support “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” -David Lane
    2]also not welcomed which would include racial polluters and homosexuals.

  2. “Socialism” as in the context of “Communism” pertains to one and the same thing. What those leftists claim to be “socialism” is actually a watered-down form of bolshevism. The only ones who were able to implement true aryan socialism on a national scale so far were the germans.

    • True. The modern left are a motley crew however run most of the worlds media, political institutions, and educational institutions. I am convinced of this because of my experiences in college, observations of the media and politicians [their lives prior to gaining political office. We are living in bad times. Good we are vigilant, but sad to see not many are aware of any of this.

  3. I’m 15 years old, exclusively of Italian and English blood other than some .16% African blood, I was baptized as a baby but never took part in any Judeo-Christian traditions apart from that which I had no control over. I completely recognize the superiority of Pagan/European values and traditions and the importance of the preservation of such. I entirely consider myself an Odalist to the fullest extent possible in my current situation, being that I live in America I’m not what would be considered the ideal environment. With all that being said, I’d ask for your opinion on whether or not I meet the criteria required to take part in future discussions on the forum. Thank you for your time. Heil Europe!

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