Frederic Blanchet, Herbalist at Vinland Heritage


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  1. Frederik, would you consider doing some articles on hunting/survivalism? I have no skills in this (I live in a urban area), and would be greatly interested in learning such things.

  2. If you can send me those picture here: timo.lampila@gmail.com I’d be thankful. I’m always interested of the subject. Your blog seems very fine. Nice dog too. Reminds me of the finnish spitz just with different color. I have Finnish spitz myself, really nice fellow in the woods. Very fine “continuation” of my hearing, smelling and seeing abilities. And friendly too.

    • As soon as I have free time I’ll go over my wide collection and select you some pictures to send you. The dog’s called Luna, she’s a siberian husky, very friendly and active dog. But personally I don’t bring the dogs when I go trapping or hunting, they’re too loud and curious. They make the deer flee when they find their bed spot. I bring them only sometimes when I go track animal trails, then after I go hunting alone…

      • OK! Yes, what I have experienced huskies they seem really fine dogs. Unfortunately nowadays it seems like a some kind of trend to have them living mostly indoors and letting them walk in urban atmosphere. But isn’t it their strongest feature to pull and work together? What do you use your dog for? Tracking is nice even without the dog.

        Greetings from an ancient forest and swamp lands I just visited for few nights. Spring is in full speed and summer almost there yet all the northern parts of the forested hills are still covered of snow more than half meter. And southern parts of the hills are totally dry land. Spring season truly brings the contrasts



  3. I am fascinated by your page however there isn’t much. I am shocked there is a fellow Vinlander out there who is interested in survival and Odalism. What do you hunt with? A bow or gun? I live in the most tyrannical state in the US and gun hunting is frowned upon. Infact they make it almost impossible to hunt period. If your American I think you would know of which state I speak of hahahaha. A liberal toilet bowl if you ask me.

    • I’m mostly hunting with crossbow, I keep my bullet for the mongrels 😉

      No I’m not american, I’m canadian, from Quebec Province. I was born and raised in the St-Lawrence river lowlands, close to NY state border. Now I live in the Laurentides Mountains about 200km northward of the St-Lawrence river and Montreal Island…

      • No way! My grandmother was from Quebec and my grandfather was from Ontario. My mothers people all came from Ireland. So I am a mix of English, French and Irish hahahahah. But my Dads side lived off the Saint Laurence and my grandparents lived right on the river and would cross back into Canada to visit relatives. I wish I lived up there, I use to visit my grandparents when I was young and go out on boats and fished with my grandparents every summer. I enjoyed it. Unfortunately I live in Massachusetts…….I do not know if you have ever been here but Im sure any Odalist would shit their pants at the sight of such a cesspool hahahahaha. I loved the Wide open spaces of Northern New York, Ontario and Quebec. It seems always uplifting and healthy to be in the wild and away from the concrete jungles. I call them jungles because mongrels, negroids, muslims and other useless biological material litters the cities of America and Canada. Its funny how over here all the welfare and useless elements of our country just lives off the country folk. I live in what one would call the country over here but its not much and in Massachusetts you cannot hunt with a firearm or a crossbow. Well sometimes..if you have some special license you can hunt with a shotgun. But bow hunting is legal. I bought a bow and starting practice shooting with it in my back yard.

        When my studies are finished in Environmental Management at school then I plan to move to Maine, Vermont or Northern New York. Hopefully Maine…its all woods, Moose and lots of wild life. Not to mention you can hunt with what you want, you can own just about any fire arm without having some special license and having to register it with the government etc… I tried buying World War Two equipment and I cannot because I purchased it off a friend from Maine and its illegal in Massachusetts apparently so the store is holding it until I move to Maine or New York. Its absurd but that’s the leftist place I live in hahaha. I will not look back when I leave! Hail Wotan!

  4. Thank you for the follow Frederik, I have been reading your blog for a few months now! I see you reside in Quebec province, I live on the western coast of Newfoundland myself. Hail!

  5. May I ask you if you could categorize your articles so that it’s easier to find them? Maybe a categrory for herbs, another one for culture, another one for reblogs or something like that – you will know best 🙂

  6. Ha Frederick
    just been eying my two silver birch in the front garden as I am looking forward to tapping into the base of them to source some spring sap as mentioned by you earlier in the year.
    we have only 2 or 3 weeks until spring is upon us here… down the bottom of Australia.
    we have had our usual one or two doses of snow and that will be it for the year as we are only 440 metres above sea level.
    I will report back as to how it goes and what my thoughts are on my first drink of birch sap.
    How much would be a good tonic to drink Frederick?

    • Do not exceed 500 ml a day. Use what is left of the daily harvest to boil meat and vegetables. Can’t wait to have some news as I have never seen anybody harvesting birch sap in the southern hemisphere. Hope it will be fine…

      • Hi there Frederick
        No results from tapping into my silver birches last year.
        Not a drop.
        One year on and another spring nearing, I will try again.
        I won’t give up on it that easy.

      • En tout cas merci de nous faire partager ces connaissances! Où avez-vous appris tout cela? Je n’y connaissais strictement rien avant de commencer à lire votre blog, et je dois avouer que c’est un domaine tout à fait passionnant! Auriez-vous des ouvrages à conseiller au néophyte en herboristerie que je suis? Au moins pour acquérir quelques bases?

  7. Well it appears its been awhile since anyone has posted here, including myself. Taking night courses and working all day. Sorta do not have much of a life at them moment hahah.

  8. Hi Frederik,
    I am currently doing some work that would probably line up with the calendar you posted. I am looking into the existence of a binary star system in our solar system. We shall see if the direction I am going with to locate it will pan anything out. But what I am using to locate the possibility is perfect for your calendar.

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