And time goes by…

Dear Odalists folks,


I’m on a quest for the revival of the pagan calendar for months now. I took a break this summer after I have lost all my notes when my computer crashed. Now I’m back working on it. I was pretty reluctant to imply anybody else in the process at first but I think we can achieve it faster all together. My main aim is to calibrate the calendar with the lunar cycles and solstice and equinox in order to find when the leap year occur, the two days of samhain. Once the position of the leap year which occur every four years will be defined, we will all be able to use our calendar for the years to come. I think it will definitely be an important step forward for the oðalists in their quest for the revival of the pagan festivals and way of life. Here’s my try for the moon cycles of 2013-2014.
Calendrier Lunaire_Fred_wintersolstice_2013-2014
I am still working on the years back and forth in order to find when the leap year occur. If you want to participate in the process you’re free to try it on your own and share your results with me…  Time will tell us if we are righteous!


HailaR WôðanaR!

Frederik Blanchet