The question you should ask to any European Christian for them to wake up…

Dear Pagan readers,

Here’s a quite simple question you should ask to any open-minded(in the pagan sense of the word) european christian believer you hope to see enlightened one of these days. I’m sure it will make them think twice:

What if when we die, the light at the end of the tunnel is just us being pushed out of a woman’s womb?


Break words and feel free to share your thoughts…

”Le roi est mort, vive le roi !

– Old French proclamation meaning ”The king is dead! Long live the king!”

Frederik Blanchet


28 thoughts on “The question you should ask to any European Christian for them to wake up…

  1. I’ve had my share of discussions with believing Christians many a time, primarily because they react to my way of clothing (Leather trench-coat during winters) and want “to set me straight” as most of them call it. Though even I have given them several noteworthy arguments similar to the one you mentioned as of how their teachings are ignorant and even contradictory they refuse to acknowledge this.

    Perhaps the Swedish “true” Christians are a different breed of ignorance. It certainly appears as such from my experience.

    • For some people, it is too hard to think by themselves and to have simple reflexions. That’s why they chose to blindly follow what they have been told or what they read in the bible… we just can’t consider them ”open-minded”…

      • When you’ve been fed shit for so long, so to speak, you become hooked; they are the victims of years of indoctrination. I should know: I was one them up until the age of 13.

      • They never decided to believe what they believe, it never has been a rational decision, thus arguments will only very rarely work, even if they are quite smart. There are other things than arguments which make them hold on to their faith, the strongest being the sick morality approaching their weak souls.

      • In response to Víla

        I digress on that. While many of them are products of their parent’s choice, some are “voluntarily” believing, at least here. If you were born before 1996 you were per default a member of the Swedish church, to which you’d have to contact them and say you do not want to be a member (though that is only possible when you are 18). Nowadays you are a member when you are baptized, and that is actually something most people do later such as during their confirmation when they’re 13, which is still young but at least better than doing so at birth. However, a lot of individuals do their confirmation solely because they receive presents. I’d guess about 15% are actually interested and genuinely believing.

        All in all; not all of them have been forced to do this, some are daft enough to do so out of their own wish, which is a sad thing indeed.

      • To Johan

        I don’t think that what you say is contradicting what I said; I agree, most people don’t care and I wouldn’t call them Christians only because they were baptised to get presents. But this large group doesn’t need to be asked about the light at the end of the tunnel, they don’t care anyway.

        But there are still many people who believe in it because they were raised up this way, they are quite normal people but they think that turning the other cheek is a sign of strength; these are those who have weak souls and think that nature is very cruel and that everybody should be friends. Your arguments in pro of eugenics won’t change anything to the fact that Jesus is their best friend and that we should help weak people instead of caring for the strong ones. This group was the one I was referring to, because in my perception that’s an “open minded Christian”, because they use their brains and are not superstitious, but there are other things than arguments which make them hold on to their belief: the morality in the first place. It’s close to impossible to make someone accept a system which would exclude himself in the first place. Arguments don’t work, they don’t want to do things like we would.

        And then there is the very small group of people who are completely retarded and ready to accept close to everything coming from the bible without questioning it; they are rubbish so I was not referring to them in any way, I was only referring to the second group. Did I get you wrong, or would you agree with this?

  2. In response to Víla, again.

    I do agree on what you say. However I was merely stating that there are a certain percentage of people that embrace it out of their own wish, as my subjective interpretation of your original post sounded as if all of them are de facto forced to do so. An interpretation that apparently was wrong, it seems, now that you’ve motivated it to a bigger extent.

    Then again, if we were to look at Jehova’s Witnesses we can definitely say that they are just manipulated and forced to believe in it.

    • Well I know many Jehova’s Witnesses and I can say many are there just for the community feeling. Most of the people don’t like loneliness and solitude unlike me and a few others. They feel like they are nothing if they do not belong to a greater entity. They feel comfortable and happy within a tight community like the Jehova’s. They are likely to gulp all the bullshit they are telling each other as long as the virtues coveyed within the community brings them success in life. And I must say it works pretty well at conditionning the members as good sheeps and prosper citizens. It is a real brainwash driven by the need for community membership and success. Most of them are willingly believing it because they think that it is god that bring them success in life. They just can’t figure out it is just their singleness…

  3. As I see it there are basically two types of christians: Those who are natural born christians and those who are enthusiastic about some aesthetic aspects of christianity. The latter are often born into christian families and don’t apostatise because they are used to it and also because they have grown up with the believe that the things that attract them the most are initially christian and wouldn’t be existent without christianity (morals and solidarity as much as cathedrals and other forms of art, up to culture as a whole).
    Those are the people you can possibly convince, but in most cases not primarily with rational arguments about their stupid believes, but by showing them that culture and beauty are very much independent from christianity. The modern western societies often fail to do so. The pagan focus on the family as the centre of life is a good example for something that most of such christians won’t have a low opinion of.
    The natural born christians on the other hand are those who are simply not able to live a life without such retarded believes, because they are to weak to handle the truth. Their minds and bodys are just to incapable and in the past they would simply have been sorted out by eugenics.
    Those people are stillborn and not worth the effort.

    I have been very successful by showing pagan beauty to members of my family. With time it even opened their minds to understand the importance of the harsh aspects of paganism as well (to protect the beauty). But it takes time and patience and there are very few people who are not relatives of mine whom I’d consider to be worth it.

    By the way a very nice smile of Baldr that you have there.
    Regards, Siegfried

    • Well I think any of the followers here knows who can be enlightened and who cannot. As I can see many here tries to categorize the different types of christians. But that is not the point for my concern. I really believe we can figure out who have potential and who haven’t…

      Yes, I like to take pictures of shining smiles and natural beauties. Thanks for the compliment about the picture.

      • The thing is that I don’t know any christian who would be impressed by your question and most christians I know are not complete idiots. But of course that’s just my experience and probably the christians in Vinland are different. For sure they are.

        Sorry for going off topic, but have you ever been to Europe?

      • Depends where in America. In the deep south forget it they think they are the real Jews. I can show you youtube videos of people dancing around with snakes on their shoulders thinking that they feel closer to god by doing so. Total fruitcakes, however the North East most are ‘agnostic’ which means they are disconnected artificial Jews.

  4. Frederick what is your opinion on the Icelanders. Many of them have gone back to the old ways and its said it is becoming more popular amongst them. To me this is a small victory. Also in rural Ireland and many areas of Eastern Europe people are reverting back to the old ways. I take this is a wonderful sign that if a small population can wake up then it is possible others will too. I noticed many people here rarely mention the Icelanders and this trend in their islands culture. Im glad and hope to once venture there to the land of old Norse and a non polluted culture. Im glad they do not have Islam there or Jews. A sign that some Europeans just wish to keep their and European.

    The next argument should be the manner in which Iceland was settled and founded. For some reason the whole colonialism thing has had me thinking the most. How these ‘christians’ interpret it.

  5. Brilliant. Did you come up with this question or did you find it somewhere?

    By the way, I haven’t been getting any emails telling me you’ve written another post here.
    It’s probably an issue on my end and I’ll look into it.

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