United we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall

The biggest threat to the European race throughout the ages have always been our discords and dividing. May these discords have been provoke by the invasion of Europe by judeo-christianity or by political and cultural factors, the result is the same; we are always the losers whatever the motivation is in such situation. What happened at Cluain Tarbh on Good Friday 1014 or, to a greater extent, what happened in the whole of Europe between 1914 up to nowadays are good examples; once united European kins fought each other and finally, they severely suffered great loss and also lost all control on the governance of their common homeland. There’s many other examples worth mention for sure, but that is not the point; let’s not spatter old and recent wounds of Europe.



The point is that regardless of nationality, as European brothers and sisters, we need to stick together no matter what. Regardless of political, cultural and economical factors, we must stick together; otherwise, we will fall and be cursed into oblivion. The whole European culture will disappear if we do not react and put our discords aside, or even better; if we could clear away all of these dividing and borders.History showed us that even divided, we managed to survive. At some point, we barely managed to live well. But it didn’t last for long. Weakened and tear apart, nonetheless, we managed to survive. But for how long? Not for very long I bet, if we continue this way. We must react now, we should have react stronger centuries ago! We should have fight and lighten up the ever growing darkness way before! If we don’t react and light up the way for others to follow, we are not worth saving.


These words might have sounded pretty depressive and a bit defeatist, but no, it is totally realistic; we are not in good shape. But remember that the only reason why we are three feet in the grave is our dividing. Imagine if we could unite all European individuals, families, communities and nations working together for the same cause. We would clean Europe and live a Golden Age once again! Like I said, even divided, we managed to survive. Imagine what we would be able to accomplish all together! United under the banner of Europe there’s no limit for us! Ôðalism is our path to unification, as it is the natural European way of life. Like I said yesterday, do not be afraid of the Light, as our salvation depends on it.



So I ask every single proud European; will you fight your brothers and by the same way help the jews in their quest for the destruction of Europe? Or do you prefer to fight side by side against the true enemies? United we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall. It is yours to choose now! The jews have always apply the maxim ”Divide ut regnes” in their quest for the fall of Europe. Let us apply the maxim ”Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno” and Europe will bloom once again!

HailaR WôðanaR HailaR BalduR!

Frederik Blanchett


31 thoughts on “United we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall

  1. Wonderful! I recall a time when I met a German fellow about my age, and we had a beer together and sat down and discussed how wonderful it was despite the fact that our grandfathers had fought during the last world war. That we could sit once again and enjoy each others conversation over a drink.

    • I too agree! That is pretty cool my grandfathers fought on different sides during world war 1 and one was German and the other a northern Irishman. Both men were shipbuilders so they were similar and could relate. Not to mention my mother is southern Irish and Austrian so that side of the family are the traditional ‘Catholics’ and had a dislike for the Protestants which resulted in many of my current relatives to be turned off by Christianity or at least see it for the foolishness that it is. Im glad to say that I hold no specific grudge over any European group because it would seem our entire history is rooted in killing each other over Christianity, Empires or other trivial things.

  2. Yes, we should not fight each other….without good reason. I am behind any conflict that is justified by natural law. We should bring justice through violence, because it will build more honourable and better men. Better men to be better warriors when shit really hits the fan.
    By bringing justice, I mean righting the wrongs, or getting rid of the criminals, outlaws, and the deranged. Back in the better times, if a highwayman was going to extort you while you traveled it would be solved with violence. Things like this is what I’m talking about, and nothing should turn into a means of complete and total war of course. We save that for invaders.
    I guess I am saying we need a temperance in conflict, it has to exist to excel as good people. But we should not have complete destruction of each other.

    • Correct! We cannot be too compassionate because then we would be expressing the worst law against nature. However I mean wars like the two world wars were completely started over stupidity. Well Germany, France and England getting involved over Austria and Russia picking on Serbia and the Balkans. Im sure that war would have been some trivial event in history had neither side blown the situation out of proportion.

  3. I believe conflict, in this case war and peace, are factors of nature that shape society. And just like everything else that exists naturally, it needs to have moderation.

    • The only guilt we inherit is ultimately about us being duped by the Jews in the first place, if the Jews and early Christians had not had their way then atrocities and enslavement committed by Europeans in the colonies would not have happened.

      • I have no grudge or ill wills of creating colonies. It was he Christian element that ruined the formation of Empires. Slavery to me is acceptable if the slaves were from combat and cowards who refused to stand their ground or defend themselves then as our ancestors would say they were worthless! I just do not agree with 1800s American slavery business because it would be irrational to swamp your living space with slaves.

      • Yeah, I wouldn’t want a nigger touching my food or “cleaning” my house anyway, Plus the slaves probably stole loads of crap too…Of course, the slave trade guilt is stupid, slave traders were Jews, the slaves were in the first place willingly sold to us by African and Arabic traders, we did not go over there and “kidnap” them…

        I agree too, the colonisation of the new world is atrocious, and I think those in these places if they feasibly can should try to lend the better ones like native Americans a hand, but like I said, this was down to the behaviour of Christians and Jews – corrupted people, not originally good, pagan Europeans…

  4. While I was up in the mountain 2 days ago, I realized Othalism is not just a religion but should be an ethno-religion where it can’t be separated. For instance the muslims today are a race and they could not become zoroastrians because they too were a race. Christians are a race, jews, muslims, each a race thats why they cant convert to a different religion-race. We’ll be inseparable. Unable to tear us apart. I can tell your perspective is as a father’s in a war-torn world with a serious weight to it.

  5. Well, it is good that at least You and I can agree that French and English Canadian hostilities are not worth maintaining. Are you optimistic for the rest of the nation? From what I gathered from talking to Quebecois(in Montreal) most people are educated in school to hate English Canadians. I suppose all the more reason to be home-schooled, and to live a natural life. That would probably solve the problem!

    • They are not educated in school to hate anglos, it’s more of a schoolyard phenomenon. There is no hope for the ”nation” because of immigration. Toronto have more foreigner citizen than genuine canadian citizens…

      • Yes, only about 25% of people in Toronto have even both parents born in Canada(I also cannot claim this). I think this is natural for a colonial nation, but more troubling is that less than 50% are white. The mixed-raced population here is skyrocketing. You see it everywhere. White women with non-white men, and many mixed raced children. Far worse than montreal in this respect. However, most of the country is still white. Do you have plans to leave Canada? Do you feel as a European that we should not rightly be here?

      • As a European, I think the whole northern hemisphere belongs to us. We should it clean up of everything non-European and make sure nothing non-European gets in.

        About leaving Canada, yes, I plan to move to Europe within a few years…

      • Well, the middle third (i.e. from West – Greenland to East – the middle east and North (self explanatory) to South – North Africa) belongs to us for sure, I know we have debated this before though, good to hear you are working towards coming home 🙂 Returning to your presumably French homeland I take it?

    • I agree with Frederick. Not to mention it would be a kick in the balls to our ancestors who went through hell to build Canada and America to what it is. I feel it would be far more rational to move to an area where the majority are of European extraction. Non whites do not like small ‘white’ towns. Believe me! In most parts of Maine I have never seen a black or a gook anywhere! I refuse to leave behind the land that many of my ancestors formed with their very blood and drove the mud hordes into the west! This is my land and I will be damned if anyone takes it from me! I feel like a coward or a defeatist high tailing it back to Europe. I just view giving up here for their sake is weakness. Maybe my pride blinds me from seeing the rational in leaving these shores? However I will agree we should abandon areas where the majority are nonwhites. Think of it this way they are mostly parasites anyway and if tomorrow the economy crashed they would starve out! If we lived in rural places we could fend for ourselves and fish, hunt, and live off the land. Our farms produce the food that is given to these subhumans courtesy of our wonderful governments. If the economy crashed the governments of Canada and America would not be able to buy the food from the farmers and in turn these parasitic subhumans would starve to death.

      Meanwhile we the untermaschen are still alive in the rural wild and prospering. However the problem is how would we be able to defend ourselves from hordes of these monsters? They would come and take our lively hoods if they saw an opportunity. It wouldn’t matter where Europe or here in the colonial Countries. However here in he states there is a migration movement or group that are prepared for this!


  6. I prefer to fight side by side against the true enemies!

    Another well-written article, My Brother.

  7. There s talk of one of these groups developing in Canada. I would think it would be more rational than packing up everything and going back to over crowded Europe. Only place that would be widespread, or wide open would be Russia and I doubt they would openly allow an American such as myself into their country to live there along with acouple other thousand. I do not think any European country would allow a massive white population into their country. Ofcourse bring all the nonwhites you can cram into your lands [which is what all of our countries do].

    If these groups formed I would hope they continued to have a relationship and connection of trade and culture with Europe. That to me would be paramount. Look at South Africa, those Dutchman fought the Zulu Empire and the British and still preserveered and were out numbered during both Boer Wars. One thing is for sure we should give up all that we gained but we should certainly do more to stop killing each other. A European Nationalist one said to me ‘my skin and heritage is my uniform’ when asked why he would not join the US Army and go over seas to fight the ‘war on terror’. I do however not view joining the service as completely bad but might ask myself is doing the Jews dirty work for 4 years really worth it? Maybe if it were the late 1800s I would have gone that route but today its irrational.

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