Do not be afraid of the Light

Dear pagan readers,

Today I had an enjoyable discussion with a friend of mine that shares my view on so many subject. We discussed, among other subjects, about the fear to speak publicly about our opinions and convictions on left wing politics, multiculturalism, feminism, judaism, etc. The fact that we become a target when we openly express our loyalty to Europe; when we revolt against every single unfair things in this once honorable world.

I expressed my fear about the fact that the authorities should find in it a reason to take our children away from us to make sure to brainwash them and make sure they become good goyims. He told me that the threat against us is exaggerated, to scare us and make us think twice before we speak up against them and their view. That I should not worry too much about that. They will not touch our children no matter what. If they did it would be a gigantic PR failure to them, and they know that very well.

Then I realized that it is not the authorities that I should be scared of, but my own words and deeds; if I proffers no direct threat or if I commit any wrongdoing by law, they can not do anything against me without risking themselves to be at fault. We just have to be law abiding citizens(until these laws will disappear) and they can do us no harm.

The fact is they are wrong and we are right. They are crooked and twisted and we are fair and noble!


Yes, they are very powerful and influential. Yes, in the past they have imprisoned and murdered fair and noble people for no valid reason by manipulating the truth and creating lies. But nowadays, fortunately, we have internet and the alternative medias. They can’t move a finger without being watched, just like us.

There is no reason to shut up and close our eyes to all the injustice and treat toward Europe(as a biological term). There is no reason not to express our love and pride for everything European in this world. By the laws of our countries we can’t proffer any direct treat to anybodies life or safety. But there is no law obligating us to respect them and their symbols. As long as we do not touch them! No law forbids us to be indignant at their horrible actions. There’s no law prohibiting us to be proud of European heroes, history and culture. No laws can keep us in pitch darkness! The judeo-christian darkness we’ve been strangled through for more than two milleniums now! 


Do not be afraid of the Light that our forebears lit up once upon a distant time. Be proud and speak loud about your love for Europe and your indignation and hatred toward the jewish people and their lackeys! Let’s do it for our long gone mothers and fathers! Let’s do it for our daughters and sons! Let us shine through this darkness and light up the way for others to follow! It is your right and duty as a European!


We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”



Special thanks to Varg Vikernes as he’s the main inspiration for this article.

Thank you my friend!

HailaR WôðanaR!

Frederik Blanchett


81 thoughts on “Do not be afraid of the Light

  1. The sad thing is that they actually do kidnap families’ children. This infamously happened recently in England when the coalition government’s local authorities took away adopted (I think Eastern European) kids from a family because the parents were UKIP members. The media made a big deal out of this for five minutes but nothing was done about it, of course…

      • No, I am not. My point was that UKIP are a perfectly legitimate political party (and, ironically, despite being branded “closet racists” and “fascists” they are, according to their deputy, the only party that has a clause stating that no former member of an “extremist” organization may join 😦 ). I still do find it very disturbing that the government can just snatch away children because they feel their parents have the “wrong” political allegiances, and fear this could happen more in the future….Though I guess it is a lot easier for them to get away with it with adopted children than with a couple’s own children…

      • That I do not doubt 🙂 Our proud pagan forefathers, of course, notably Socrates, valued the law of the state even if it went against their favour….but maybe that not is a relevant analogy to make, as our legal system only benefits the wrong people, not those it serves to protect (a “life sentence” is usually about 15 years maximum here in England…)

      • Varg too wasn’t allowed to see his older daughter properly because the government feared “bad influence”. They don’t need a legitimation, they simply do it. If you are a member of the completely legal National-Democratic Party of Germany, you will be fired from your job and you are not allowed to become a soldier or policeman. This doesn’t have any law as basis, it’s simply done. I still don’t know from which point on they are doing something against you, from which point on you become a threat to them when you only tell your opinion. I guess they don’t care for people like us because the brainwashed society already does with excluding us. So they surely won’t consider a family father living somewhere in the woods as a threat, or a student like me without social contacts worth mentioning. I don’t walk around shouting the facts, but I’m not self-censoring myself anymore. And there haven’t been any consequences yet, only many people more who got aware of Jews…

      • Vîla: that was solely because of the mother, who was a real b****, married to and influenced by a left-wing extremist (the local leader of “The Green Party”). It had nothing to do with the authorities.

        Actually, the authorities judged in my favour when I sued her to see my daughter, and they stressed that the political or religious views of the parents is not a factor at all in such contexts and can not be used as an argument to deprive a parent of contact with his children.

    • But do you trust that news piece to be true? Why would they not say this was the reason just to scare others from joining UKIP, although it in fact was e. g. at best just a factor? Do you really think anybody are taken liek that because of membership in any legal organisations? There are other reasons for this, and they just use this in their lie-propaganda, to scare us all. It’s a form of false-flag oeration; disinformation, terror, deliberate lies.

      • If I drive a car and accidentally hit a Negro pedestrian in Norway the headlines in Norway will be; “Well-known Nazi ran over a coloured person”. As if that had anything to do with it. As if I did it on purpose.

      • I agree, it is used in the media to scare us away, but the fact is in this case these unfortunate European children were snatched away from what I assume would have been excellent, moral in the true sense of the word conservative parents because the government feels that “racist” parents would inevitably end up being “cruel” to children as well….Of course, if this happened all the time they would not get away with it for sure, but I doubt this is the only time this has happened…

      • we just don’t know, maybe they were good parents, maybe they were neglecting scumbags… all in all the authorities needed a reason to do that, how did the media twisted the truth we don’t know either…

      • – this is another story I think, as I can tell from stories like this and job descriptions when job searching, having openly pro-multi-cultural views is a mandatory !quality” anyone needs to get a job these days, it seems…

        There is basically nothing clear to find out about this case though – – any media story I have seen never clearly stated where the children would come from, only that it had been deemed unacceptable that allegedly racist parents could not care for minority children….If they are indeed foreign then this is a good thing, but I thought they were Eastern European…

        Just seemed one of many things we should be wary of these days, but of course this is exactly what you want – if you go to the right place where home-schooling is permitted then no problem really, even if you stay in Canada long enough for it to become an issue, if it’s legal then what can they do? And if they drill your kids over their views and understanding, as wise men like Machiavelli and the writer/s of the Edda say, repay dishonesty and treachery with lies…

    • Thank mother Earth and Father sky there are fellow Euro-Nationalist in USA and Canada. I went to Stromfront and New Saxon years ago looking for Odalist and none could be found. I am not into National Socialism [despite it being interesting]. I did get along with Wotanists, to me that’s America’s closest thing to an Odalist.

  2. Very cute! How old are they? I remember your eldest daughter being 8, and the other ones seem to be very young yet 🙂 How do you exactly raise them? Do you read myths with them, telling them about the Gods like persons or how do you manage that?

      • Here it is a kind of ”closely supervised” homeschooling, my daughter have to go meet a teacher once a week to make sure she progress according to the education ministry program…

      • That seems like as good a compromise as you would get in many places, I wouldn’t complain. Of course, they need to have those measures in place, otherwise irresponsible, selfish white trash and gypsies who leave it completely up to the school and childminders to raise their kids for them would just not bother teaching them at all and just leave them to go and smash up bus stops…

        There is the concern about history though. Of course it looks like yours aren’t old enough for this to be an issue yet, but what if they start interrogating them about how much they know about “correct” history?…And what if they realize your kids, heaven forbid, have been taught that in terms of science and “evolution” we aren’t “all the same ” and didn’t come “our of Africa”?…

      • And when asked about WWII, she doesn’t answer that the Jews declared war first?

      • The same about the origin of humanoids, for the moment I teach thenm the concept of the races. I’m not teaching them to be racist and hateful toward non-european. I teach them what I call ”racialism”; being conscious of the difference between the races and to love and respect our own(not to mix with other races) first and foremost. I also teach them that the great majority ”believe” in a ”politically correct” version and not to argument about that with ”outsiders”, that whatever they might say, we know the truth and that’s what is important…

      • Frederik; in France homeschooling is much better. They check with the child at most once a year (!) and only start doing this from they are 6 years old…

    • From left to right, my 2 years old daughter called Stella, my 5 years old son called Vikthor when he was about 1 year old. Below on the left, that’s Vikthor again with my older daughter(9 years old) called Laetitia. Finally on bottom right, that’s Gerard my 3 months old son.

      About raising them, I try to do my best. I teach them all I know about the secrets of nature, the eternal turn of the wheel and to cultivate the gods in themselves in order to reach ”immortality”.

      Of course I read them myths and stories, their favorite is my own french translation of ”Perþ” by Varg Vikernes. Though that’s not the perfect bedtime story as they listen carefully until the end instead of falling asleep. And when it’s finished, they ask me to read it over again… 😉

      • Awww, so sweet! Perth is really a beautiful fairytale. I too think about writing fairytales for my children, or at least take the European ones and modify them to be more Pagan. Or writing sleepsongs…
        How did you choose their names? I’d like to give mine archaic and fully European names. Not sure yet which ones…;)

      • Laetitia comes from Napoleon’s mother’s name and it mean ”the joy of the nation”. Vikthor comes from one of my ancestor(though it was Victor) and you might have understood that I mixed victory and Thor. Stella(in fact it is Freyja Stella Blanchett) comes from Estelle, my grand grand mother’s name in Latin and for the stars that light up my way at night. And Gerard comes from my wife’s grand father’s name, and also because it mean ”strong like a bear”…

  3. Fredrick are you Anglo-American? Anyway I noticed here in the US you cannot become a firefighter, police officer, FBI agent, CIA agent, or even a Solider or a Marine if you own a known copy of My Struggle or have any affiliation with ‘Nazism’ or any form of Nationalistic views towards your roots. I have experienced this first hand!!!!!!! Mainly because of my views but I have heard from people who had simple heritage tattoos [no Swastikas or anything like that] on their bodies and they were too barred from service. Not to mention if you as much as show up at a demonstration conducted by a Nationalistic party and the news happens to put your face on television then you are branded a ‘racist’ and not allowed to work in any public service job. This is even the case when you have never committed any felony or misdemeanor as well. Its a system that has literally no love or loyalty to roots. Not to mention zero ‘tolerance’ towards Europeanism period. Its okay to wear a Black Pride or Muslim pride or Jewish pride shirt into a grocery store as oppose to anything nationalistic in European terms. Our people here in the US have become subservient on biblical proportions over here. It is becoming so intolerable that I choose to live off in the woods and have no use for this dystopia. I know Varg and Fredrick you have European centric feelings as do I, however remember there was a time when America was European culturally and ethnically but those days have past and now its become a cesspool [or as the Jews call it a cultural melting pot]. To me that’s a cesspool….nothing more or less!!!!!! I feel ashamed now but its become so liberal and so self destructive that its almost impossible for a Euro-Centric American to take pride in anything here.

    I hope that one day things change but our society has become less Anglo-Saxon-European that we have lost our pride. I don’t know where in history we went wrong? I wonder if it was bad to break away from the old Empire [after all my fathers whole side came from England and were loyalists] or it is not the problem at all? I do believe the Jews brought down America and the British Empire…..too things I love about history. The old Anglo-World is no more than a cesspool of multiculturalism. I envy Germany during world war two for coming up with Biological Nationalism because the Empire we once had needed that to survive but our ancestors sided with Jewish international banks and Bolshevik Jews and as a result we pay for our sins with multiculturalism. I sometimes wonder if all of us Anglo-American European Nationalists moved to an unpopulated region of America or Canada and tried to build some sort of a society free of Jewish control. I know it would be inevitable that we would be subjugated by the Kikes and multi-ethnic hordes for not being multiethnic. The Jews here have the ADL, NCAAP and all these other self righteous organizations looking out for them and always persecuting European Nationalists here. Doe Europe have organizations like these above mentioned? If so then you know what I speak of! I personally feel that Europeans who do not ‘see the light’ are not worth going out of ones way to save when the shit hits the fan mainly because they still will be blind and products of a Jewish world. I have personal contempt for them because they give our enemies our water, our fuel, our resources and our peoples enemies our money in which we earn for their defense every year. Not to mention they give Muslims money as well. I have contempt for my peoples ignorance but I will prepare myself for the New Age when it comes and do my best to help prepare my family and that’s about all I can do. Hail Woden!

      • I notice America seems as if its becoming more and more over populated. More and more third world immigration. Iv found myself at a point where I am afraid to use the term to even describe myself because its become meaningless hahaha. Its a shame because growing up I use o be proud of this place, and the whole British/European created world. Its a shame to see it go from Great to a smoldering pile of crap hahaha. Quebec is a nice place, I have been there 8 or 9 times and to Ireland twice, both times to visit relatives and I must say Quebec is the closest place in America to Europe. I like the old city of Quebec. Lots of history and some of my ancestors came from there. I hope Quebec doesn’t have the Islamic disease…..New England where I am from has a large population of them now, on top of Jews and the usual. Its getting worse but that’s what they say it gets worse before it gets better.

      • “Iv found myself at a point where I am afraid to use the term to even describe myself because its become meaningless hahaha.


        Frankly, it’s always been meaningless to call oneself “American.” Why, You ask? Because there is no American blood! No blood birthed form these soils. Id est, You ask anyone what their blood and heritage is, it is always something Old World: English, Irish, Norwegian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, African, and so on. Not even the “Native” Indians birthed form these soils!! (And for the record, Neanderthals (Europeans) have been here millennia prior to the Indians. Thanks to the every so few remains We have actually managed to get the DNA testing done on (Indians always try to claim these remains and fight the testing because they know it’ll prove otherwise…), the Kennewick Man exempli gratia, has been proven European.)


        So, You’re from New England, too, huh? Whereabouts? I’m in western Massachusetts. I can attest to the overpopulation for sure (always directly or indirectly due to the industrialization which is heavily abound up here), and which is exempli gratia three times greater here in MA than in Florida. New Jersey is the most densely-populated state, and filthy as trash. And yes, there are TONS of Jews up here…ugh. I happened to grow up in a town estimated to be 50% Jewish at the time (20 years ago): Longmeadow. At the south end of Our 2.5×3.5 mile town, and right over the line into Springfield, Longmeadow/Spfld. has the Jewish Community Center, two synagogues (Sinai and some other), and the Jewish Geriatric Center. Sickening.

  4. Well said, Brother! I see Your comments all the time on Thulean Perspective when I read Varg’s posts, and You are just as commendable as Varg himself (= my greatest Life inspiration for my current beliefs/philosophy which took a few years of development and acceptance…You know, after being raised by such Jew-loving (Zionist) Pentecostal Judeo-Christian parents for 20 years before departing, it wasn’t easy; but at 29 this month, I have long been set in stone in my beliefs/philosophy, disposition, mentality and heart). I wish I could spend as much time commenting on there as I did mid/late-January through mid-February, but Varg went on overload with the article output 😛 and I just couldn’t keep up with my schedule…not so much the reading itself, but the fact that I liked writing the novels-for-comments that I did (in the beginning) and knew I couldn’t live up to them anymore.

    Anyway, yes: don’t be afraid! Although I traveled to Canada at least once a year growing up (for hockey) through Autumn 2000, and also worked there lots during Winter 2003/04, I am unaware of Your freedom of speech and freedom of thought laws. I know here in the States–yes, I sadly live here, and in utmost Bleeding Heart Massachusetts…ugh–We can still speak and represent Our minds and hearts, even hatred to some degree although that can lose You Your job (but who cares working for capitalist pigs forever?!), and of course: hatred is a natural, yet irrational, emotion We All feel. But We need to keep it under wraps until the Final War…and trust me, it’s not usually easy for me, especially to speak “civilized” like this, and especially not in these current times for me…my contempt, intolerance, and resentment are growing to near-uncontrollable, and I fear what I could finally do after retaining control for 29 years…

    Let Us hope for the best, heh! …and that Alyssa and I, too (my girlfriend of 3,5 years, and whom Varg also commented back and forth with some bit on T.P.) – after conversing with Varg and Marie via email – make it to France one day (sooner than later)!! We can grow and build together–literally and figuratively–Our Ôðalist Community, and raise brave sons and wise daughters – entirely fearless of The Enemy – but most importantly: live in harmony with individuals like Ourselves, and with Nature (which We are a part of as We always have been and always will be). We Europeans are smarter and more advanced than everyone else, so victory in ALL aspects and manners will be Ours in the end.

    Lastly, political correctness kills the Art! Id est,, keep it politically incorrect! 😉


    P.S. Good pick for Daemonia Nymphe. 🙂

    • Thanks Timothy. Keep your mind clear, and you’ll do no regrettable wrongdoings. Listen to you heart, and when you feel over upset, stay calm and go take a walk in the woods asap… Happy birthday in advance! you’re 7 months older than me you old branch! 😉

      • Welcome, Frederik. Indeed, I am–and always have been–a very solitary person, for outside influences (friends) may not necessarily be bad in and of themselves; however, too many of them can distract one from their Path of Life and lose their focus. Id est, I am a very deep thinker and full of Common Sense and rationality, so I know a little time to myself, and in Nature, is what brings me down to level and to be calm. Obviously, I’ve done something right for 29 years. 😉

        You will delight in the fact that Nature and hiking embody my existence, and It is where I spend most of my time. In Her arms is where I find my harmony and solace. I have always been a Nature boy…in ponds, lakes, and swamps waist-deep catching frogs, climbing trees, hiking mountains and cleavers 4-6 hours at a time (in a full BDU getup and full backpack = workout!), exhibiting amateur (Nature) photography and “herping”, and so on. 🙂

        Ha, seven (7) months older, I am, huh? Don’t You have four (4) children, did I read that correctly somewhere? Heh, I’ve always aimed for nine (9) and need to get started soon! 😛 …not that Our bodies can’t do it past 30 like women will have difficulty, but You know: I want to be able to keep up with my children. 🙂 I want at least three.

        Thanks for the birthday wishes!! 🙂 May 12th, to be precise.

    • Sorry for responding to your comment so late.

      Holy Jew nailed to a cross! You live in MA? I live in Worcester County. Its completely flooded with aboriginal weasels and other parasetic life forms. I always thought the Jews shunned that area. I live right outside of Worcester and use to live there unfortunately until moving to a relatives house in a more rural area. I despise this state with every molecule in my body hahaha. Maine and Vermont are pretty good places and do not have the concrete jungles of Massachusetts. Where ever there is a concrete jungle you see the non Europeans everywhere and the mischvolk.

      I wouldn’t say American was at one time completely non European. It is a European word to describe this territory and at one time when it was Anglo-Saxon the name generally referred to the Anglo-Saxons of this area. I consider myself a New Englander. A least many towns on the East coast and cities are named after European towns and places with the exception of our state of course. However the word itself today has almost no meaning to it because ‘anyone born’ here is now considered American. Its become impossible for me to even consider myself apart of that in any way. I hate to say it but its the truth. I would consider myself predominantly British in origin with some German+French roots. Sometimes I do wish that America never broke away from the British Empire but almost all colonial countries have turned almost anti-European. Not to mention much of the European American youth worship Negro America but I think this sickness has affected Europe as well. I find it disturbing when I try to look up a German song on youtube and Turkish rap music pops up.

      There was a time though when America was an Anglo-Saxon nation and its identity was very similar if not the same as Britain. However those ties have been lost for a long time. I admire the founding fathers and their achievements however I believe it was all in vain. Western Mass is really that bad? Worcester county has its fair share of Juden believe me! They have their own schools over here and now a big Mosque opened up in Worcester and has their own school. Ofcourse no schools for Europeans to learn away from the blacks who hold up the entire class because they are too ignorant to educate themselves. How do you feel about Euro-Americans who call themselves ‘white’. To me such a description of oneself is taking little regard or care for what one is….to simply say ‘white’ is like saying your nothing. This to me is a sign of a people devoid of pride, their image and their history. Im sure you know what I am talking about.

      • That’s the result of more than 300 years of jewish economical domination. Unlike European countries, there were no laws written to protect the nation from the jews. European countries known well about the jews and they had laws prohibiting citizenship for the jews. Here in america, when they saw that the lands were wide open for them, they jumped on that golden occasion. They had learned a lot of their bad experiences in Europe. As the way was clear for them to do whatever they wanted, they used their ”rights” to infiltrate and dominate every levels of the governments and economical circle. They tried and succeed to a certain level, to make us believe they are no different than us by relating to the ”white” identity. Remember that they infiltrated every single level of the governments. That include education ministry of course. Do you follow me?

      • I completely agree! Its funny how the rats come over after my people bled to create this place [as did yours I bet!] It was French, Dutch, German, English, Irish and Spanish men and women who died to create the Americas. The Jewish vermin monopolized off our invention and polluted it early on in its creation. I will say parts of the countries here tried to fight it and not allow non Aryans to positions of power however they won. Why? Well the Jews made damn sure they were in high positions of power in the Economical sectors of our governments. This is how they defeat us! The Jews controlling our financial institutions and then from there manipulating us all in the end. This is how both world wars occurred and why now prices in all of the American countries are sky rocketing. Its funny how we all committed to a recent war and yet not a single natural resource was earned! Not one! Only for Jewish protection at the expense of European souls. This is why I never signed up for that forsaken war. i came lose because military service is a honor in my family and I am the only one besides the women to not have served. I feel ashamed to say it but its the truth. I figure now maybe sailing and learning about the Ocean and Environment and hunting may better be of use living here. I am trying to go into the shipping industry to work for myself so I do not have to give my soul and body to the Jews in Israel and Washington DC. I am a New Englander and I refuse to give the Jews 6 years of my life for THEIR freedom! I cherish the day those bacterial fungi are exposed to the world so they can drivel in their own shame for eternity.

      • Jim,

        No problem on the delay; You will find I typically take a lot longer. Yes, I am from Massachusetts – Hampden County, and We have more Jews than You can shake a stick at (particularly, more than eastern MA). Trust me.

        I’ve had plenty of friends in eastern MA, and the mentality is a lot more…generally speaking…hostile, or perhaps “tougher.” ‘Easterners’ are also more racist than ‘westerners’, too. Cape Cod is the exception, but they’re waaay out there (literally and figuratively), so I don’t count them. I practically grew up my Summers on Cape Cod given all of my family’s vacations, and it is definitely–right up with California–the most Bleeding Heart region in the country.

        Maine and Vermont might not have so many Jews, but remember: there are always more than demographics show You, and these statistics are deliberately fixed to conceal themselves. Id est, they like to lurk in the shadows, behind the curtains so to speak, and even adjust their physical appearance…all to blend in and carry out their devious work. Just look at all the nose jobs let alone any other alternation (exempli gratia, Elvis – need I mention more?). Still, ME and VT are quite Bleeding Heart (New Hampshire would be the least for New England, but still up there), and You can thank the Jews for this deliberate or inadvertent–doesn’t really matter–work.

        “I wouldn’t say American was at one time completely non European.”

        I don’t know if this was in response to something I said or implied (…?), and I don’t feel like looking back (nor do I have the time), but all that needs to be known is that Europeans set foot on this land before anybody else regardless of what common education tells or portrays to Us. According to March of the Titans by Arthur Kemp, the oldest remains found in America that were actually allowed (-by the wretched Indians…) to have DNA testing carried out ALL proved to be European, with the oldest being either 13.000 years old or from 13.000 B.C., I forget already.

        I am a “New Englander”, too – born, raised and unfortunately still living here (29 years this month) – and, like calling oneself an “American”, all it means is just that: born and raised here. Id est, there is no American blood, as nobody birthed form these soils; We All came from something Old World, whether it be English, Irish, Norwegian, German, French, Italian, “African” (Negro), Japanese, Chinese, et cetera. Ask anybody what their blood and heritage is (if they are intelligent enough…), and it will be from the Eastern Hemisphere.

        “I admire the founding fathers and their achievements however I believe it was all in vain.”

        Indeed, Our Founding Fathers had some “Pagan” elements within them, such as their qualifications/requirements – particularly health – to enter this country, in which these health standards are engraved in the Statue of Liberty. If You really read Varg’s articles on, then You know only wanting the strongest and healthiest ‘stock’ is quite “Pagan”.

        However, let Us not forget which banner these Founding Fathers came here under: “God” (Yahweh) despite “half of them [supposedly] being atheist” (= typical public doctrine). Id est, they skin may have been faire (white), and quite European all around, they may have been, but their mentalities were clearly Jewish.

        And why has America (and just about all “colonial countries” as You say) failed? Because they were settled and founded by cowards death-stricken by their “faiths” – id est, dictated by their filthy religious works, religions not of their own TRUE heritage – and thus, they created what proved to be too idealistic-for-reality nations and societies. The incompatible “software” (= mentality; the Asian indoctrination of the mind) the Europeans (= “hardware”) carried is what made for this inevitable destruction (just reread Varg’s Paganism: Part XII – Why Paganism? for the software/hardware metaphor reference). Confusion (from the destruction of the mind by this parasitic infestation-of-a-doctrine known as Judaism, also its other religions (Judeo-Christianity for one) and doctrines (capitalism, communism, now socialism), and consequently: loss of identity, caused disharmony. Perhaps it is one cause (-that I’m not going to bother elaborating on at the moment; just think for Yourself) that such (mental) diseases like depression have become so prevalent (and ultimately: destructive…up to and including death).

        Wrapping this up so I can quickly acknowledge/respond to Your other response(s?), I will lastly comment on calling oneself “White.” Of course, European, which is synonymous with faire (and beautiful in Antiquity but still should be ;)), would be more proper. However, due to the ignorance and misconceptions of common folk, it is why many clearly-Middle Eastern-dominated-Italians (= dark features, olive skin, “hook noses”) are considered “European”. Id est, “White” would perhaps be the first step to filtering out the not-predominantly-Europeans on the basis on skin colour.

        On the flip-side, if being truly White (= faire-skinned) is all one has for European features, and along with it has brown eyes and hair, coarse/frizzy/obscenely curly hair in texture, slanted forehead, “flat” nose with no nose bone, longer forearms than upper arms, narrow rib-cage, blood type AB or B, and/or so on…well, they wouldn’t be predominantly European, and thus, calling oneself “White” can be very misconstrued.

        Of course, We must focus on racial and mental hygiene, and if one’s mind (and heart) is truly passionate about everything-European (from Art, language, skills, et cetera), perhaps their genes can be “excused” and given a chance to be cleansed – at least in death. It might take a few rebirths, but “patience is a virtue.” 😉

    • What is your opinion of this idea? I have always been fascinated by the idea of colonialism.

      I have thought about this idea for some time. A lebenstraum sort to speak.

      One thing is of paramount! We must never lose our connection to our European roots. Nor should we allow non Europeans to live amongst us. If such a movement could be created it must or should create guidelines that would be written in stone to ensure it wouldn’t fall apart. A lot of groups form and then fall apart due to something stupid happening but such a group where the entire goal was about survival and prosperity then it would need a strong core belief.

      Hopefully Mr. Vikernes will write a book on just Odalism! I find it confusing at times but find myself revisiting and reading the material a lot. Varg you must write a book on Odalism!

      Thankyou Mr. Gould for your responses and sorry if mine are very long. I like to write and ask questions hahaha.

      -Mr. Powers

      • Jim,

        I have Your link open and will try to get around to reading/responding on it ASAP.

        Obviously, within all the influences of Our multicultural/multiracial society, We must NOT lose focus on Our own identity – Our blood, heritage and roots – because We know damn well it is what the Jews want! They strive to make Us do Ourselves in, genocide in other words, which also keeps them “innocent” because most humans (still) are too stupid and/or lazy (and/or afraid of persecution and being ostracized from the “benefits” of Our capitalist pig and socialistic world) to analyze situations and find out the true culprit of Our world’s problems; they only look at the problems.

        “We must secure the existence of Our People and a future for White Children.”

        A movement is what We have going, My Friend, and waking people up in a civil, respectful, non-overwhelming, and almost “pacifistic” manner” is the first step. The foundation should be Our ancient, Germanic values, virtues, moral and ethical codes, a healthy/strong/rational philosophy/ideology of Life, and of course: ideals.

        I think I proved with my previous response (moments ago) to outdo You, My Friend. 😉 Heh, just ask Varg…

        I invite You to receive a taste of my length of writing here: Of course, You might as well read the entire thread starting here:

        I admit probably 75% of my words are insignificant details, and I need to truncate better :/ but I hope You enjoy nevertheless! “hrodberht793” does, and occasionally Varg. 😛 (My responses on earlier Thulean articles, 35+ articles which Varg took down due to being too “negative” on his part, held some of my best, most formidable responses. I save every one in MSWord documents, though, so if You’re bored and want to read more commentary by Yours truly, I’d be glad to email them. I love to write as well and am very proud of my works – my formal/proper nature and “perfectionism.”)

      • Yes I understand you on that. Varg Vikernes and David Lane I admire the most out of modern Nationalistic writers. To me its less to do with hating your fellow European but looking at them as an equal in this fight! I have always felt a Spartan like democracy/Anglo-Saxon one could prevail however unlike the founding fathers, being of course less liberal in terms of allowing people within your borders. I do notice that in our history the Jews infiltrated at an early time. Many in the Netherlands funded the rebellion and wanted it to intensify [despite the Netherlands being allied with the British]. The Jews here wanted the war to go on because they hated the British, who banned them many times from the British Islands.

        We should take too much shame from living here. I am still a patriot but I feel our laws must be rewritten, No Jews allowed no exception! Nor any Muslim and Africans should be deported to Africa. [I wish this could be achieved but seeing millions and millions of them living here its almost impossible I would think]. I hate to leave this all behind because my ancestors have done so much for this land, they built it with their genius and carried over their European values to boot.

        Not to mention majority of us are descended from 4 major groups, English, Irish, French and German. That is why America is great because of these groups, Western Europeans. I wish we could all move off and take an area of the country for our selves and start over, this time not making any mistakes! Like the Confederacy which I deeply admire. My mothers side was from the South, and have some ancestors from Appalachia that fought for the confederacy. I feel the Confederacy also had an even better idea because America would or could have prevailed. However The Jews were down there in Alexandria working in of course finances and did a lot to devalue Confederate money so they lost in the end.

        I think if a great civil war happened here then maybe that would be our chance in the chaos. To move off and make something better and keep strong ties with Europe. How well I do not know but where there is a will there is a way. First off Europe would have to be racially aware themselves for that to work. I get depressed at the idea of leaving it all behind because a bunch of foreigners moved here and think its theirs! They did nothing to build this nation and to give it to them I feel is a blasphemy against nature itself. My ancestors would never forgive me for that hahaha. But yes Mr Lane and Vikernes are both correct and I hope to see more work created by them and hopefully many more fellow Europeans who see the big picture! Our Blood is our Nation! Blood and Soil! 14/88

        p.s [Timothy I live currently in Worcester and its a cesspool, not as many Jews but plenty of Negroids]. Hey do you have a New Saxon account or belong to any group like that? I haven’t been on there in some time but many Wotanist on there! I don’t like stormfront though.

      • “Confederate”,

        I do not have a New Saxon account or any account like that; I belong nowhere. I once almost tried PAZCOE, but I never participated – not even once.

  5. Let me tell you from firsthand experience that you can be fired from your job for espousing such views openly. And when you are a good worker, they will just create a reason. Of course, it probably depends on the job you have, how disposable your position is, etc.The modern man is obsessed with speaking about anti-racism, homophobia, and feminist ideology – especially in large cities. Much of this is basic group think testing. Making sure their views are still valid, or that the people around them think like the group. I have experience this both in Quebec and Ontario, Canada. French Canadians(no intended towards you Frederik, I personally would like French and English Canadians to unite) have a lot of hatred towards Anglos, but don’t seem to mind the hoards of Haitians and Muslims – well they do at least refer to Montreal Nord as Montreal Noir, since that’s where all the blacks live. Nonetheless, as I’ve said before to the many people I know who reluctantly agree that times have changed, and that the world has been thrown to the dogs – if nobody speaks up, then it might never stop. If you truly believe in something, then you’d better stand for it, or why not just abandon the belief? When the conversations come up, you’d better let people know you’re not going to be taken down the ‘garden path’. Perhaps though everyone is not in a position, or able to take everything ‘head-on’, rather they might need to be discreet, tactful, and somewhat secretive.

    • I know what you mean. But it is only about loosing a job, not children, so that’s not a problem in itself… About the everlasting ”war” between french canadian and anglos, I totally agree… and if I had the switch to destroy montreal and toronto, I would press it without hesitation… Stay tuned, you’ll surely appreciate my next article… 😉

      • Yes, a job is not nearly as severe as your children, even if it does provide for them….Haha! Ok, I look forward to your next article! : )

    • Adalwolf,

      I can attest to Your claim. I may be 29 this month, but I have worked since 29 July 1998 (14 years old), mostly retail (a little wholesale and warehouse), and have worked for more companies than most 40-year-olds can shake a stick at.

      I have been “terminated” from a good handful of them for various reasons but all directly or indirectly circling around who and what I am. In particular, the greatest value I was raised with: integrity, that is, standing for what’s morally and ethically right regardless of the consequences, has intimidated management in past jobs. In most cases, it was standing for someone else deserving of the support. The solution for the companies? “Can” me before I jeopardize their own positions…

      Of course, in one particular job, but a worthless job not to be prideful of and din’t care losing: Pizza Hut Delivery Driver, I was “foolish” enough to wear my Aryan Wear “swastika” boots and Eihwaz rune pants which, at first glance, looks like a swastika (of course, as We All know, the rune is the 11.500-year-old ancient root of the “swastika”). I was of course eventually questioned, and debates would fire up. Ironically, most everyone sided with me, including the Puerto Ricans and Negroes! Or, a few remained neutral. It was one particular bitch, a European and more racist than me (!!) but which would–if You think deep enough–explain her trying to ‘frame’ me (to take the focus off her = securing her own job…there, I did the thinking for You :P), that was responsible for my departure. She was a slut, though, so her racism meant nothing. Details another day.

      For the record, this was five (5) years ago (from 8 July 2008 through 24 May 2009), and back then, I argued ‘the holocaust was a fair blood vengeance for what the Crusaders of the Spanish Inquisition, Templars, among others committed upon Our ancient ancestors.’ Needless to say, I was ignorant and more cold-hearted back then and the further back You go towards adolescence, also every fiber of my well-being consumed by rage and hatred towards Jews and Zionists, so I was ruthless-minded. I of course have since realized the holocaust is a hoax, and even back then, I argued only ~250K Jews were killed, tops; not 6-million. Aside from Kristallnacht (which didn’t involve much killing mind You), I’d say the Nazis’ Germanic values, virtues, moral and ethical codes kept them from committing any senseless so-called “holocaust”, just as Varg and others have detailed. You can read stories of Nazi pilots reaching Our “American” pilots in mid-air and beckoning them to turn around…they didn’t shoot them down!

      Sorry for the tangent. That’s me! So anyway…

      Yes, You do have to be careful what You say if You need to secure Your job for at least a little longer…till You are able to provide for Your own off the land, at least. My most recent loss: Petco, screwed me over after more than two years for my anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist beliefs subtly expressed on the job, also a 3-page letter to corporate last Summer with ‘…capitalist pigs…’ in there (it was mostly a professional letter otherwise! :P). My integrity (and honesty! …among all other Germanic values and virtues) is just too strong. 🙂

      • That’s Ok about the tangent…I read quickly ; ) Although, learning to edit yourself is a good skill to have : ) I agree with you that this sort of integrity is highly affiliated with Germanic nature. My Grandfather’s memoirs attest to this. He was held as a prisoner of War for 4.5 years by the Nazis. He wrote that they treated him very well, and that every time the allies bombed the site, they were allowed to run as far as necessary for safety, on one condition – that they immediately returned. This happened frequently. He also said that if they (the British prisoners) wished to refuse work, they could. This work was then handed off to Jews.

      • I currently am a student and working in a retail service and a part time security firm. I don’t really like either mainly because I have come to realize how useless most of humanity is. By this I mean how reliant our people have become on other to survive. If all of that was taken away they would be screwed! I mean if tomorrow trucks, trains, air planes and boats stopped bringing food into the US there would be rioting after one day! Its shocking because without some understanding of the environment, self sufficiency, agriculture, hunting, fishing, medical knowledge etc….you would be doomed. The Nazis though bombed London and that was one big driving force for the war. However Hitler should have been more patient at taking over Europe in my opinion. The Jewish banks could have crippled themselves and then there would have been Nationalist rising all over the world against the International Jew. Luckily my chain isn’t owned by Jews or a Corporation. I work for a European family from Italy fortunately enough. I did work for Shaws a few year ago and I will tell you they were evil Bastards! I am glad their stores are closing in my area and wouldn’t shop their if it were the last grocery store on Earth. Where I work now its tolerable because the owners treat me fair, they give us bonuses every few months and good hours. I do not plan on staying there after I finish school but I have good things to say about the place. I have worked for corporate owned stores and will say they do not care about your labor, personal welfare or what other commitments you have outside of that environment. Not to mention they ‘right you up’ for being a minute late etc……Total bullshit. I told my last manager off at one of those places after being a minute late from break after standing in a line. He lets the nonwhites do what they want [if they do anything at all]. It seems they get promoted at Shaws more than Europeans do because its creating a ‘diverse’ work force, more like entitlement based off of skin color [but that’s okay when you get promoted not based of your education or work ethic but your skin color].

        I walked off the job after one was promoted after being there for one year and I had been there for 4 years. Never a complaint of any kind nor have I ever given anyone trouble. They screwed me and I told them what I thought! I told them to take that place and cram it up their Nigger loving asses. I enjoyed it especially saying it out on the floor in front of the entire pool of customers and other employees. I was fired at that point but I don’t care hahaha. I refuse to work for people who do not value what you do in any way and promote worthless lazy Africans and other nonwhites because they have a different skin color and want a ‘diverse work force’. Its absurd that this is what America is and the ‘American’ dream has become. Our ancestors bought a BIG lie coming over here.

      • Adalwolf,

        Indeed, truncating is something I’ve recently (as in past several months) tried to work. I just love to type! 😛

        That is a phenomenal short story, or detail, of just one more POW being treated humanely by the Nazis. 🙂 Very inspiring! Heh, running then returning almost sounds like Scandinavian prison systems with their 2-week leaves of absence – free to visit whoever within the country and do what they will (lawfully) – then returning.

      • “He lets the nonwhites do what they want [if they do anything at all]. It seems they get promoted at Shaws more than Europeans do…”


        Sounds like just another aspect, or form, of affirmative action. And, of course, should a Negro slack off or do a horrible job, say, mopping the floor and be addressed about it – not even a warning necessarily! – that Negro will pull out the race card (and get the manager/supervisor in trouble). It’s hypocritical, but it is what it is. And yes, the larger the chain, the worse it is = general correlation.

  6. I’m glad more children are being brought up with such a positive message. So many kids today have families that don’t care about them so their naivety goes wild, those kids end up horribly. In school, I will see others covered in tattoos with no meaning and I hear their conversations of breaking into medicine cabinets and liquor stores to get high. I’m glad to see this die down, because this generation is closing in on the brink of the end.
    Thanks for this, and take care.

    • That being said, I am a teenager and my father is not as good as you or Varg or whoever. So keep it up is all I am saying because I pretty much taught myself everything with the internet and there were some horrible mistakes made earlier in my adolescence. I don’t want to go into that discussion, but I just hope your families are all healthy. I am a changed young man. And in the near future, my children will prosper as well.
      Again, farewell and take care.

      • I wish I could edit comments here, because I want to correct myself and say I didn’t learn everything with the internet, I also learned a lot through high fantasy and Tolkien’s works. Things like that.

        P.S. If anyone wants to chat or whatever, I have Skype with voice chat and my email is in the Gravatar. Maybe we can play a video game sometime, I don’t know but this is my invitation.

      • You should play path of exile 🙂 It’s basically Diablo but multiplayer 🙂 and free

        Don’t know what else you mean by video games. I have the total war ones but once on an Orange broadband connection it would not let me play online (like with a lot of online games…)

      • Yes, I’ve played Path of Exile, Hrodbehrt. I didn’t get too far anyway, I played a Duelist up to level 20-something. Good game.
        I play a lot of Total War also

      • Total war is amazing. Wish they would produce a Victorian Age total war. Growing up won of my favorite movies was Zulu. Ever since then I loved British and Old European American history. Colonial period is my favorite however the Dark Ages and Classical period are pretty good too. Do you play Empire total war Duncan or Hrodberht793? I have a steam account.

      • I know, but if they HAVE to use an edgy, vapid name like that, it should be something like what I said.
        I do like Rudolf or Rudolph a lot though.

      • I would prefer something Saxon sounding or Celtic. Traditional Irish and English names like Edward, Angus or Magnus are pretty good. Or yes German. Its a shame many of our names are taken from the Bible, especially in the English speaking countries. My name is and my middle name is Patrick which unfortunately named after a Saint who destroyed Irish culture.

  7. If enough brave men and women are willing to tell the truth then the Jewish web of lies will fall like a house of cards.

    100% Pro-European
    100% Pro-Semite (if they exist in their own lands)
    100% Anti-Judiasm!!!

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