The Triumph of the Will …to a lesser extent. But nonetheless!

Dear pagan readers,

As you might have read on Thulean Perspective comment section, a month ago I saw a fresh and big pine log(about one foot and half diameter and four feet and a half long) laying in a deep ditch on the side of a road. It probably fell off a truck and was left there to rot. The log is very big and the guys probably told themselves that they were not going to bring the big(expensive) machine to lift it and put it back on the truck, it is too expensive and the log is too big for them to lift it back on the truck without the machine they figured. Yesterday evening I decided to go pick it up and bring it back home instead of leaving it as waste to rot. So I took the van as my suzuki truck is broken down and I rode to where it lay. Let me tell you it was not an easy task to lift it out of the ditch and put it in the van all alone. At a point I thought I won’t be able to do it, but my pride and will gave me the strenght and wise to achieve it. I was so proud I took pictures of the log after I packed it in the van! I told myself: if only everybody would use their strenght and will everyday at work, we would be able to do great things… and become greater man! Here’s a few pictures:

2013-04-28 20.32.30IMG_3349

That’s a 37 years old pine tree log:


I also decided to use the log for my daily personal training as ”fitness equipment”. Here’s a short video:

”Remember that the only real limit is the one you impose to yourself”

Hail the Triumph of the Will! HailaR WôðanaR!

Frederik ”the bear” Blanchett


18 thoughts on “The Triumph of the Will …to a lesser extent. But nonetheless!

    • I’m surely not the strongest man but it is by training with such heavy things that I will get closer to the strongest man. About my van I would say the back seats didn’t liked it but it went well… 😉

      • Of course, it is big and long enough to be transformed into a four feet beam. Also there’s a lot of branches starts all along making it even stronger, it would be perfect as a window support for a two stage house…

  1. What I like the best here is the pride on your face. I wish I knew more people of your kind- men with the Will to Power. HailaR WôðanaR, truly.

  2. This kid here knows what’s good. Don’t chose a motor bike or a video game as a toy. Chose log! And, damn, for a reason as I can see now. Thanks!

  3. You made an excellent job Frederik. Reminds me and my brother 2 years ago when we caught a pine log from a plot that was replete of pine trees in the city, but the stupid townhall bought the plot and cut all the trees, and leave the logs there to rot. And we wouldn’t leave the pine logs there as trash, we caught one of +/- 230kg and rolled it about 1km and a half till home, and all this in the city among the traffic and people,by the way, stupid people , who thought that we were crazy and made fun of us, but we didn’t care and carried on, idiot people are always the same way they just care about their expensive cars , cell-phones and shopping and think that logs , wood or any other thing related to nature is worthless, the true is that they are a bunch of weaks and envy us . Only the European is strong in body and mind and can perform great deeds. HEIL THE WILL POWER!

  4. Everytime I see a strong and beautiful man I sit there with a satisfied smile and simply enjoy it 🙂 I also did as I saw your video the first time, and I still do everytime I watch it again 🙂 Sitting there like child with big eyes, clapping hands and wondering why not everyone is this way…

  5. Watching this video again I have to say that it is still pleasing, but if you’ll keep lifting it like that the next injury of your back will be in sight. Compared to a bear like you I’m more somewhat of a wolf, but I’d still advice you to lift it more like strongmen do it with their giant tyres. Crouch down and use your legs to protect your lower back.

    • Thank you for the advice. But don’t be scared for my back, I’m training with it for more than two month now. It just turned out to be too light after a month. So I immersed it in the creek passing through my backyard for 2 days to make it gain weight with water. I am now trying to lift it vertically first and after I’ll try horizontally. I bought handles which I can screw on to the log to facilitate the motion…

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