Gallery: One of my sacred lake

Dear pagan readers,

Today I finished working pretty early. Spring as finally defeated the winter spirits, so I decided to take a walk to one of my sacred lake about a kilometer away from my house to go fishing. The travel was everything but easy as there are many small canyons to cross to get up there. But let me tell you it was worth the pain. The lake wear the name ”Auger”. That is also my grand mother’s family name.  Here’s a few pictures and a song I wanted to share with you folks. Hope you will enjoy…

HailaR WôðanaR! 

-Frederik Blanchett

IMG_3193-1       IMG_3198-1       IMG_3186-1IMG_3189-1IMG_3207-1                  IMG_3206-1                  IMG_3205-1




22 thoughts on “Gallery: One of my sacred lake

  1. Very beautiful photography, There is still quite a bit of snow in the woods where I live. The open areas have all thawed and we’re getting a bit of rain now. I know of a nice pond about a kilometre from where I live, it’s nice to go and fish as most people my age don’t bother.

  2. The land around you is beautiful, good choice of music to set the mood as well. Looks like a great place to get in touch with your ancestors and the wights of that land. Hail fellow Heathen, I always thoroughly enjoy your posts. -WG

  3. In the photo before last you look very mysterious, but the last photo is my favorite. I myself live near a river(broad enough) and I like very much to walk along it; many things can be learned from the river, the river is a good teacher, it always makes you to appear some thoughts of such depth that you even couldn’t expect from yourself(at least it is my case), so from every walking(alone of course) I return as a new man and the people who meet me(it happens very very seldom, because I live alone now and I live in the village were people have no the habit to walk, and I like this very much) in such moments feels this, even I feel this.

    By the way, of what kind of working are you talking about, in the garden? Because with the beginning of Spring I myself work in the garden, digging the soil, cutting the branches of grape-vines and fruit trees, planting new trees, vegetables and flowers; and of course watering them day by day, because now it is very hot here and the soil is drying, the rains weren’t for a long time.

    • I have a river in front of my house. But the last picture is of a mountain lake 450m from the sea level. Here we are in the last stage of thawing, barely no more snow on the ground except on north facing mountainsides, the the ground is still frozen from below. You dig about a foot deep and you find ice caps. I’ll start working on the garden in about a week probably. Right now I’m working as temporary for the municipality where I live. Removing the snow equipment off the heavy weight trucks and tractors, cleaning the sidewalks and parks, etc… I want to earn enough money for a moving to France maybe within the next 3 years…

      • You have very honest job, and you do a very useful work for people there.

        The idea with the moving to France is very brave, and we(the other Odalists and pro-Odalists) must take an example from you, but first of all we must to create our families(like you did) and move there with at least a wife(or husband in the case of Odalisqe) only on this way our future Odalist community will grow “fast” and healthy and very effective against the actual world order.

        I really envy you, you have wife, kids and a firm decision with which your family agrees. Also you do a useful work and will be even more useful when you’ll move to France. 3 years? Ah, for me it sounds like “tomorrow”. You are very rich man Frederik, I don’t have such treasures, but I’ll do my best to have them…

  4. I always get the impression when reading your posts that you have a good understanding of wyrd. It is a inspiring thing to see a true man, not a sissy newage hippie, working hard and doing what he needs to care for his family. You have a beauitful home, and living in harmony with nature is good for the spirit. You have my respect friend.

  5. Great pics! quite similar to Vosges Mountains in eastern France,where I’m used to hike.By the way,where do you plan to move in France?Tu es Québécois?

    • Oui effectivement, je suis résident du Québec, plus précisément du Canton de Clyde dans les Hautes Laurentides, mais je suis originaire de Grande-Ile dans les basses terres du St-Laurent.

      Je compte emménager quelques part en Auvergne. Je suis à la recherche d’une aubaine puisque j’ai constaté que le prix des terrains est beaucoup plus élévé qu’au Québec…

  6. You are living in a very beautiful place. I’m glad though that you want to come over here. I didn’t know this piece of Drudkh, additionally it’s extremely weird that a Turk is the only one in whole Youtube uploading this song. Thank you both for music and the photos 🙂

  7. Beautiful place to take a walk!

    Since your pictures inspired me writing a new post (which i’m going to work on soon), nevermind if I cite this in my blog?

    Thanks friend!

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