Arbor Vitae

Dear pagan readers,

Let’s talk about a tree whose medicine will be essential in case of bad crops or abnormally long and harsh winters. Many asked me to write about survivalism, so I decided to combine both herbalism and survivalism in one article. Let me put you into a survival context before I present you this perfumed perennial foliage tree. Then you will realize his full potential as an essential survival medicine.

Hypothetical situation:

It’s been a few years since our societies collapsed. The constant war state and increasingly cold and bad weather reduced your crops as close to none. You have passed through all your stockpiled food and a long winter as just begun. The first week was not so bad, you managed to catch a few fishes and trapped and hunted a few games. But after a month barely only eating to meat and working hard to keep you warm, you’re feeling yourself weakling more and more each day that passed. You have a fever and your teeth and bones are painful. Your legs start to swell… You know that you’re suffering of vitamin deficiency and even maybe of scurvy, you’re not stupid enough not to realize this as a fact. But you can’t find any plants growing in frozen ground or under a layer of snow. At first look, there is no source of vitamin anywhere around.


What would you do then? Wait for you and your family to die of illness?

”Surely not, there must be another way” you probably answered yourself. And yes, fortunately, there is another way and I am going to tell you what to do instead of waiting for death to grab you and your relatives.


Now let me present you the best source of vitamin C you can find in such a situation: It is the White Cedar(Thuja occidentalis). Do not be confused by the common name, it is not a Cedar tree but a Thuja tree, but it looks pretty similar to Cedars. It is a very powerful medicine. The foliage infusion do not only provide a good dose of vitamin C, it heals bronchitis, fevers, headaches, coughs and rheumatic pains, etc. But be prudent, due to the neurotoxic compound thujone, internal use can be harmful if used for prolonged periods or while pregnancy. Do not exceed a cup a day for two or three days maximum. It can also be used as essential oil or tincture for other medicinal purpose such as treatment for warts, ringworm and thrush.


This tree wear the surname ”Arbor vitae”(The tree of life) in the Vinland and Markland area(North Eastern America) because it is said that it heals all illnesses and because it can live up a millenium and more. The oldest specimen found and analyzed were about 1700 years old and the biggest were over 30m high and over 1,50m diameter.


This tree is said to be native to North America but as been introduced in many european countries in the middle of the 16th century. The White Cedar grows naturally in wet forests, being particularly abundant in coniferous swamps where other larger and faster-growing trees cannot compete successfully. It also occurs on other sites with reduced tree competition such as cliffs. The largest known specimen is 34 m tall and 175 cm diameter, on South Manitou Island within Leelanau County, Michigan. Even if it is not growing in the wild nature where you live, you will easily find some ornamental specimen in many parks, gardens and farms of Europe. Remember that the Arbor vitae can save your life and keep you healthy in the worst imaginable survival situation! Hail the evergreen tree of life!


-Frederik Blanchett


15 thoughts on “Arbor Vitae

  1. Another excellent post my friend. These are very important things, complete self reliance and truly integrating ourselves into the rhythm of nature. I will continue to spread these good lessons as long as you are willing to share them.

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