Belus is coming back! Part II: The saviour that you trample upon

Dear pagan readers,

Now let’s talk about a plant that saved me and my relatives many times from infections and illnesses. It is even a part of our nutrition(very rich in calcium, vitamin A, C & K). You have surely trampled upon that magic plant many times in your life yet without knowing. Don’t be afraid, you haven’t cause any important damage to this plant by doing so, it always rises stronger again. Perhaps you even helped the plant by transporting the pollen and seeds under your feet so be consoled my friends!


For me, it is one of the most sacred of all plants. It is commonly called the Plantago(Plantain in french), but I prefer to call it ”Belus’ footprint” or simply ”Belus’ feet”. Like I said, I use it in my nutrition but also as an internal/external medicine. It is one of the plants that will ensure the hunter gatherer lifestyle. People think they need to grow vegetables and grains to get enough minerals and vitamins in their nutrition. That is the kind of plant who prove them wrong. There’s a plenty of information about the Plantago and his medicinal virtues on the web.So here’s a few links that will give you information about the 3 main varieties in the Plantago family.




So I won’t lose my time writing what as already been written. Instead I will write about what is unsaid about ”The feet of Belus”. One thing that as puzzled me for long about this magic plant is the fact that it even start growing under thick layers of snow in early spring. I even start gathering some leaves in early March. For long I have asked myself: how can a plant grow without light? For long I have figured that it must be some kind of invisible vibrations that is feeding this plant. I think a part of the answer can be found here. Thanks to Marie Cachet for such bright description of this phenomenon. It is the electromagnetic radiations from the celestial bodies that are feeding the plantago even under a thick layer of snow of course!  A divine plant fed by the divine light! Nothing less! It is the feet of Belus! Use it to heal your wounds, even for ophthalmic purpose. Eat it fresh in salad during spring, and cook it in stew during summer and autumn. It is a gift to us offered by Belus! Will you refuse such a marvelous gift from a god? Open your arms to the gifts of the gods!

Frederik Blanchett


Tell your relatives but not a word to those who are not worth it. Let them pray their false god ’til death instead! He will give them what they deserve…


Less than a month before springs new moon: Belus is coming back!

Dear pagan readers,

As spring is about to knock at our doors, and being an herbalist, I wanted to share some tips of my knowledge about the ”spring cure” that Belus offers us each and every times he comes back. Let start with the birch sap.

birch4 (1)5816177179_477db3221e_z

Nowadays, you can even find some commercial bottled birch sap in russia and other northern european countries. But personally, I prefer to collect it myself instead of buying it. And I suggest you to do so if you can. Birch sap must be collected once the winter spirits are finally defeated by the reborned summer spirits: Between the first thaws and the start of bud development. First of all, you search for a well growth birch, at least 20cm diameter, to make sure the process won’t hurt the tree and in order to get as much birch sap as possible per day. Then you drill a hole in the trunk, about 1.5cm diameter, and 4cm deep(remember that you’ll have to put a plug in the hole when the dripping’s finished). It is preferable to drill about 50cm from the ground in order to get as much minerals and virtues as possible in the sap. Also, I want to mention that the drill I use for that purpose, I only use for that purpose. You then put a tip or a hose into the hole. Use the container of your choice, may it be a bucket or a bottle, preferably not a plastic or metal container. Ceramic, glass, wood or stone materials(the onyx is the best of them all for such purpose to my knowledge) containers are more suitable. The reason is those materials do not alterate or diminish the medicinal virtues of the sap. Remember that it can be aply to any other plants used for medicine.

birchesYellow Birch (Betula alleghaniensis) winter

Do not be surprised if you have to empty the container many times a day, you can get many liters in only one day. Take two or three good sip three times a day(morning, noon, evening) for the 1st lunar month of spring. Birch sap is pretty perishable(2-3 days kept cold) but if you want, you can keep some in the freezer for a few months. Birch sap is supposed to possess virtues such as detoxifying and slimming. It is also active in the stabilisation of hyperuricemia and hypercholesterolemia. It also help eliminate intestinal parasites and relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis. It is also fighting water retention and improves the appearance of adipose tissue (cellulite) and improve flexibility. It also stimulates metabolism and detoxify the body gently. It help drainage and elimination of acidic waste from the body (uric acid, cholesterol).  Historically, in the northern forests, men even used birch sap to supplement breastfeeding. It is a perfect tonic to clean yourself and welcome Belus again! Enjoy!

Frederik Blanchett